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If you know how to take good, effective notes, it's likely that you will have more effective and successful study sessions later on. If you'd like to improve on your note taking skills, the following post has some tips you can follow.

How to Take Notes That Will Help You Study

  1. First, keep clean and organized notebooks: have a notebook for each of your school subjects and write a title, and date on each of your lessons. This will make your notes easier to track.
  2. You won't be able to take notes in class if you don't have a pen to write with. That's why, you should have your writing tools handy when you're taking notes in class.
  3. Writing down every word the teacher utters isn't an effective note taking method. Instead, develop a strategy that you can understand (such as focusing on noting down main ideas).
  4. An important part of studying with notes is being able to understand them. To that end, you should write in legible and coherent sentences that make sense to you.
  5. There's certain important information (like names, formulas, definitions, and dates) that you don't want to lose among your notes. To make them stand out, you should use your highlighters.
  6. Last but not least, you should take some time to review your notes after you're done taking them. Everything should make sense. If it doesn't, ask your teacher or peers for help.

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