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We all know that exercise has multiple health benefits for children, hence the importance of encouraging them to practice their favorite sport or physical activity. Still, it's worth mentioning that the positive effects of exercise bound more than just physical strength and development; there are important cognitive benefits related to physical activity as well. Hence, this post by The Tutoring Center, Richmond, TX, shares three essential points about how exercise can help your child be a better learner.

How Exercise Supports Your Child's Cognitive Development

Boosts Memory Performance

It is a known fact that exercise stimulates the release of several hormones, including irisin, a chemical responsible for increasing neuronal activity in the hippocampus, an area of the brain where memories are formed and stored. Hence, it's safe to say that encouraging your child to exercise regularly can help them increase their irisin levels, which means improving their ability to memorize new information at school.

Improves Focus Skills

One of the main benefits of regular exercise for your child is improved concentration. As you might know, several chemicals are released during physical activity; among them is the neurotransmitter is known as norepinephrine or the protein BDNF. These substances promote neuronal communication and brain cells' nutrition, resulting in a heightened cognitive ability to sustain focus and improve concentration.

Keeps Energy Levels Up

Finally, it's worth noting that helping your child maintain a consistent exercise routine can help them feel more vitality and enthusiasm at school. On the whole, physical activity stimulates blood flow, which means increased circulation of oxygen, nutrients, and energy-boosting chemicals such as endorphins; consequently, energy levels increase, and the body experiences a sense of well-being.

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