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When the time to declare a college major comes around, most high school students feel under pressure; after all, this decision can shape their college experience and career path. Therefore, if you are struggling with this decision, you may find it easier to choose by narrowing down your options with the following strategies by The Tutoring Center, Richmond, TX.

Assess Your Strengths

Whereas some people choose a major based on external pressure or wage expectations, we suggest you go with your interests and passions instead. Think about the activities that make you happy, the study fields that spark your interest, your strengths, talents, and skills; then, write a list of career fields that fit your potential.

Research The Leading Job Opportunities for Each Career Path

Evaluate which study field will secure you the best job opportunity after college. To that end, dive into the hiring rates and industries regarding each considered career path; for example, if you are thinking about majoring in communications, you can research on several work fields; such as journalism, social media management, or public relations.

Reach Out to Professionals Working in the Fields That Interest You

You can contact people working in the career tracks that fit your interests by looking them up on LinkedIn. Make sure to ask them for career advice and mentorship. Plus, talk to them about their job functions, their background, and their experience. On the whole, reaching out to them can help you learn first-hand insights about their work fields.

Ask About Dual Enrollment Programs at Your School

Consider taking college classes while still in high school. To that end, determine if your school offers dual enrollment programs; if it does, consider enrolling in a college class aligned to your preferred major option; then, test the waters and find out if the chosen study field fulfills your learning expectations. Indeed, this would help you ascertain a final decision.

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