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Have you ever had your grades compromised by having a bad test-taking strategy? In addition to studying, it's essential to avoid the most common test-taking mistakes; to learn more about them, keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Richmond, TX.


To understand this point better, imagine the following: you have a test in 15 days, and, instead of establishing and following a fixed study schedule to understand the test content, you wait until the night before taking the exam to absorb as much information as possible. Needless to say, last-minute cramming is not the most effective test prep strategy; therefore, opt to follow a pre-planned study routine instead.

Not Reading Instructions Carefully

Have you ever lost points on a test because you didn't read the instructions carefully? This mistake may seem obvious; however, there are times when students read the questions in a hurry because they want to save time and then guess or assume what is expected of them in each instruction. All in all, doing this can compromise your score; therefore, be sure to read your test instructions carefully to answer correctly.

Getting Stuck at Complicated Questions

Good time management is key to taking exams; however, many students sometimes answer questions one by one, and when they come across a tricky one, they tend to get stuck for a long time trying to solve it. A more effective strategy is to do the opposite and leave the more complicated questions until the end. To that end, start the test by taking a general look at all the sections and questions, then answer all the easy questions to accumulate the most points; at the end, you will have plenty of time to solve the more challenging questions.

Handing the Exam in Without Proofreading

Finally, avoid the mistake of handing your test in when there is time left to review it. For example, after completing a long exam early, you may be so tired that all you may want to do is turn in your test and go home; however, it's always better to use the extra time to review it and correct any errors you may find.

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