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Some students often struggle with time management, study at the last minute, or turn in incomplete assignments. Fortunately, several tools and strategies can help them improve and take charge of their academic homework. If your child has a hard time staying organized, look at the following tips listed by The Tutoring Center, Richmond, TX.

Helping Your Child Build Organizational Skills

For Starters, Teach Your Child How to Organize a Task

You can start by teaching your child how to break down a task into small, manageable parts. As a student, your child will face complex projects and tasks; therefore, it is of utmost importance that they learn how to organize them, that is, break them down into a sequence of actionable steps. To help your child develop this skill, encourage them to approach household chores with this approach; for example, ask them to break down the task of setting the table for the whole family, tidying their room, or preparing breakfast into steps.

Encourage Your Child to Make To-Do Lists

Using organizational aids or tools can help your child stay on top of their schoolwork, so consider encouraging them to write to-do lists every morning. The most effective way to make to-do lists is to write down all of their pending tasks in the morning and carry the list throughout the day to cross off tasks as they complete them.

Show Your Child How to Use a Planner

Planners are also a useful organizational tool. These include calendarized dates for your child to mark important dates (homework due dates or test dates); they also have spaces to write down to-do lists, ideas, and reminders, among other elements that can help your child manage their tasks and their time.

Set an At-Home Study Space

Providing your child with adequate study space can significantly contribute to their productivity and organization, so be sure to designate a well-lit, quiet space in your home as a study area.

Lastly, Set an After-School Routine

Being an organized student involves following a routine after school, so be sure to set times for your child to study, do homework, clean and tidy their desk, and prepare their backpack for the next day.

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