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Have you ever been working on your school assignments, but then gotten to a point that can't get past? For tips on how to get unstuck from those situations, continue reading the post below.

How to Proceed When You're Stuck on Homework

  1. If what's happening is that you're lacking motivation and orientation to get through your assignments, set doable and specific goals, as they can help you focus.
  2. Sometimes, the environment you're in can heavily influence the outcome of your study sessions. Prepare the right study space, so that you can do effective work.
  3. Are you sure you've understood the instructions correctly? It's a good idea to reread them so you can be certain of what's expected of you.
  4. If you're overwhelmed by the number of assignments you have to work through, start easy. This will get those simple tasks out of the way and will help you get started.
  5. For more complex tasks, divide them up. Turning a big assignment into separate, workable chunks will make it less intimidating and easier to get through.
  6. On some occasions, you will fall victim to laziness or procrastination. In those cases, you need to do the work. Focus and make a real effort, so you can complete your assignments.
  7. If what you need is guidance to move forward, it's recommended that you go over your notes. They will probably shine a light on the next steps you should take.
  8. Your inability to carry on may be due to a mistake in the work you already did. Review and retrace your steps to spot and correct those errors that could be getting you stuck.
  9. Tempted as you may be, don't cheat. Even if you make mistakes with your assignments, they will help you become a more successful learner.
  10. An overworked, stressed-out brain will develop tunnel vision and will find it harder to complete the assignments. Take breaks to allow your mind to relax before you keep going.
  11. Lastly, if after trying the tips above, you can't seem to find an answer, ask for help from peers, your teacher, or your tutor. They can share clues on what steps to take.

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